Meet Meredith of City in Bloom Ceramics

Rebecca (Morpho Market): When did you begin working with ceramics?

Meredith (City in Bloom): I began working in ceramics in high school, went to pursue ceramics in college at Georgia State University but was met with indecision about my major, figuring out if I could actually be an artist full time or if I needed to have a degree that "made sense." So, I started working at MudFire my sophomore year, a community ceramics studio in Atlanta. I graduated with a marketing degree, and have worked at this studio ever since, it is where I run my business out of.

Rebecca: Was there a significant artist or person in your life who has inspired your art?

Meredith: I don't think I have a significant artist/person who has inspired my art directly, but I love being in a community space, surrounded by my friends who are working on running their own businesses at the same time. I draw a lot of inspiration for my illustrations from flowers, tattoo culture/motifs, and other imagery I have taken from being in Atlanta.

Rebecca: What's the part of running your business that thrills you?

The part of my business that never gets old is the actual making. When it's a throwing day and I get to sit down and throw a batch of mugs or an order for a new store - that is the best. Sometimes it is screenprinting or coming up with new drawings, but without a doubt throwing is always the best. (Comically, as a marketing/business major, the computer side doesn't spark that same joy.)

Shop Meredith's designs that we have in stock at Morpho Market here.

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