Pencil in blue and green

20 Pencils in 1

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"20 Pencil" is equivalent to 20 pencils, its tip is always sharp and allows you to write up to 500,000 words continuously. It is a pencil type HB, in different pastel colours, light and environmentally friendly. Ideal to put in your bag, thanks to the cap the tip does not risk breaking or staining. Ideal for children too because it does not need a sharpener and the tip can hardly be broken.

WEEW Smart Design is an Italian design company that brings together creative young people with backgrounds in cross disciplines: design, graphic, contemporary art. We are committed to implement simple and functional house decorating ideas and lifestyle accessories to allow as many people as possible to enjoy good design at a democratic price. Our mission in WEEW Smart Design is to answer to the people’s contemporary needs making our products affordable and versatile for private homes and modern workplace as well as for the everyday life.

.35" w x 5.75" h

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