wrap ring made of gold plated brass
wrap ring made of gold plated brass on a model hand

Wrap Ring

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Adjustable ring made of a single warped piece of metal. Great gift as it can be tightened or loosened gently for the right fit.

Handcrafted in the USA by Mind's Eye Design, a curated collection of jewelry and other pieces hand crafted in our studio and gathered from artisans around the world. We work hard to positively contribute to our environment by sourcing our materials from independent vendors and small businesses as well as long established USA based companies; using recycled and environmentally conscious packing materials; always using eco-friendly cleaning products and avoiding toxic chemicals; working from a small naturally lit studio with energy efficient tools and appliances; we recycle, compost, and re-fill our re-usable containers; and of course we eliminate single use products as much as possible and re-use anything we can. We also bank with a small local credit union and avoid larger banks who have questionable intentions and practice even more questionable business models. We support non-profit organizations advocating for racial justice and donate monthly to the American Civil Liberties Union, Grassroots Law Project and Public Radio.

Gold plated brass

Adjustable to fit sizes 6-8

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