apotheke candle wick trimmer in black

Black Candle Wick Trimmer

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Keeping your wicks neatly trimmed is the most important step in candle care. With it's unique angled design, our custom-made metal wick trimmer lets you safely snip and clean any time, anywhere. This wick trimmer is a true necessity for real any real lover of fragrance.

APOTHEKE is a luxury home fragrance brand inspired by the unexpected beauty found in life's simple moments. Founder, Chrissy Fichtl’s passion for soap making, scent formulation and essential oils are the roots of what created APOTHEKE in 2011. Chrissy learned about the beauty of essential oils, starting with sourcing ingredients directly from farms and teaching herself the art of soap making in her own kitchen. In the summer of 2012, APOTHEKE opened their first factory, a 3,000 square foot site in Brooklyn, New York. Chrissy’s husband Sebastian Picasso took on the lead as production. He aided in maintaining the philosophy that high-quality goods can still be made steps from home. APOTHEKE has come a long way but the vision hasn't changed. Candles and soaps are still made by hand, and each fragrance is thoughtfully blended in Brooklyn, NY.

7" l x 2.5" w x 7.5"

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