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Gemstone Spike Threaders

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These threaders are sexy! Slim and slinky, the have a movement to them without being too dramatic. The gemstones at the bottom are just stunning. We offer them in 2 different stones: Labradorite (greenish with a prism) and Rutilated Quartz (clear with black lines). The model is wearing a different gemstone but we wanted to show you how they look on someone.

Amano Studio is a small, woman owned jewelry brand and production studio based in Sonoma, California. Founder and designer, Seana Pedelaborde, is a 25-year veteran of the fashion and gift market. Amano Studio, handcrafted in California, is a trend driven, affordable line of fashion jewelry with an emphasis on quality materials, on-trend design and five-star customer service. We draw inspiration from vintage fashion, the night sky and the beauty of the California landscape. We partner with a handful of old New England workshops that give us access to archives of 70+ years of molds and tooling which allows us to resuscitate genuine vintage design as those designs cycle back into fashion. This is one of the most fun and interesting parts of our work! Our business manifesto is as follows: 1. People before profit. 2. Buy American. 3. Love your Mother Earth. 4. Give Back.

14k gold plated brass + coated to prevent tarnish and create a hypoallergenic surface

.5" gemstone
2.25" L

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