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library candle
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Library Candle

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Our hand poured, artisanal soy candle: like walking into a library, settling into a big red armchair, lined with large metal studs, a book in hand and a warm glow from soft lighting. Dressed with botanicals to mimic the same. Each candle is made by hand in Lakeville, PA. We are veteran-owned.

About No Ennui:
During the height of the Covid lockdown and disruption to life as we knew it, we began making our products. It was upon the realization that the pandemic was not letting up. We were bored. We were not promoting our own self care. We succumbed to, by definition, ennui. Ennui is a French term for boredom, melancholy or apathy. What started as a little hobby, quickly saved us as a family. We were making bath bombs and candles together for home use and for gifts to friends and family. These small items became more and more intricate with our own unique details and designs. By word of mouth, we were soon making custom gift baskets, then onto an Etsy account, to selling at local farmer markets and now have our products in a few local shops.

We truly love each and every piece we make, and we put our heart and soul into every last petal or sprinkle. We wish to share our love and craft abroad and to spread more joy around. We hope that our items may allow you to pamper yourself, relax and to have no ennui. The principles of recycle, reuse and reduce are very important to us. Being said, we always attempt to reuse boxes, packing and shipping material when feasible, clean and in good condition. We encourage you to do the same. 

(Keep candle free of debris and wick trimmings. Most or all of the floral and botanical decor may need to be removed before burning, especially those pieces closest to the wick. Trim wick to 1/8-1/4 inch before each use.)

100% Pure soy (free of phthalates)
Cotton wick

2 oz tins measure 2.05" w x 1.38" h
4 oz tins measure 2.4" w x 1.8" h

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