Ceramic glazed heart on steel stick, sticking out of a plant

Plant Heart

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Plant buddies are fun accessories for your house plants and pair together one of a kind ceramic plaques with a stainless steel rustproof stake. Perfect for indoor or outdoor use (just not in freezing temps), these are great adornments for any potted plant you have added to your brood.... these definitely were born from our own plant - obsessed - tendencies, and we've added some of these to our own house plants.

Please note that every piece is handmade and the glaze colors may vary from the photos in shades of pale green-blue.

Unconventional pottery for unconventional people. Mud & Maker blends multiple techniques and mediums into handcrafted and original one of kind pieces of pottery. We live and work in rural Pennsylvania. Inspired by our natural surroundings, and the people that we meet - many of our pieces include elements of playful design, blending a colorful rustic aesthetic with just the right amount of snarky wit. We believe each day is unique - just like every piece of pottery we make.

Rustproof stainless steel

6" h x 2.75"w

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