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Rainbow Suncatcher

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Hang from a window or on the wall for an eye catching display of color. If placed in sunlight or good lighting, the sun catcher will cast colorful images and shadows throughout the day. The triangles on this sun catcher are red, pink, orange, yellow, mint green, dark green, teal, light blue, dark blue, and purple. Each triangle is made of transparent acrylic and has a beautiful glossy reflection much like glass (but lighter weight and won't easily break!). It is assembled with tarnish resistant gold findings. 

About the Maker:
I am Savannah, the maker and designer of Savvie Studio, a modern home goods and gifts brand. I am endlessly inspired by nature and I am always exploring new ways to bring plants into your home or office, as I genuinely believe plant filled spaces make for a happier healthier life! All of our production, from packaging to laser cutting, happens in my Denton, Texas based studio with a small team of four creatives. In a world of mass produced goods I find great joy in making the artist's hand evident in every piece; and find hope in the community that handmade goods create.

Metal coated in non-tarnish enamel

The design is 20" long and it hangs from an 18" golden cording, making the overall length 38". The cording can be shortened or lengthened.

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